Spider Control

In homes and commercial spaces, spiders and spider webs are generally considered unsightly. A spider infestation could give off the impression that the property is not hygienic (which is especially of concern for businesses that serve food like bars and restaurants and hotels).

Spider Fact: Did you know that spiders are not insects? Spiders are actually non-insect arthropods. Unlike insects, they have two major body regions instead of three.

How Pest Care India Performs Spider Control Treatments

When you contact Pest Care India for spider treatment services a fully-licensed Technician will perform a comprehensive inspection of your property. Pest Care India Technicians are trained to inspect areas where spiders are commonly found and flush out spiders hiding in cracks and voids.
After the Technician has properly identified the species of spider infesting the property, they will recommend a treatment solution designed to effectively control that type of spider. Different spider species call for different treatment methods. For most spider issues, Pest Care India will recommend non-chemical treatments and advise customers on what they can do to make their indoor environments less attractive to spiders.
Depending on the species and severity of the infestation, your Technician may recommend the use of non-chemical blue board monitors and seal cracks and gaps in your property to exclude further spider infestations.

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How To Prevent Spiders From Infesting Your Property

As spiders feed on insects, it is important to not create an environment in your property that is conducive to other pests. By using sanitation best practices, you can prevent spider problems.

Use the following spider prevention tips to keep eight-legged intruders out:

  • Remove clutter
  • Store all boxes off the floor
  • Seal all boxes shut with tape to prevent spiders from using as harborage
  • Seal cracks and crevices around doors and windows