Mouse Control

Of all different types of rodents that pester humans, the mouse is most commonly encountered and causes the most damage.An infestation of mice should be a serious concern for mouse control for any home or business owners since mice can contaminate food meant for humans and spread disease. These curious, focused, flexible, tireless, adaptable little creatures can have a huge impact on your home or business.Mice can easily find their way indoors. An adult mouse can squeeze through a gap smaller than ½ inch and young mice can gain entrance to buildings through even smaller openings.We highly recommend contacting a professional pest control company at the first signs of an infestation. A small problem with mice can quickly become a large problem. One pair of mice can have up to 16 pups in a single litter!

Mouse Control Service

Pest Care India has studied mice scientifically for decades and understand how these rodents have adapted to live in man-made structures.

Our approach to mouse control is focused on eliminating infestations and helping our customers avoid infestations. We understand that a rodent problem is a sensitive issue. That’s why our Technicians are trained to exercise absolute discretion and cause the least amount of disruption possible when treating your home or business.

Pest Care India is working tirelessly on new products and non-toxic mouse control solutions. By adapting faster than rodents, We can keep you one step ahead of nuisance pests like mice and rats.

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Mouse Prevention Tips

No one wants a mouse in their home or apartment. While Rentokil has the tools and expertise to get rid of mice if you experience an infestation, we also like to advise our customers on how they can prevent mice from entering their homes or commercial buildings.

Some tips we recommend to prevent problems with mice:

  • Clean up food and beverage spillage
  • Eliminate garbage piles indoors and outdoors
  • Clean area around dumpsters and trash cans
  • Store food in rodent-proof containers
  • Clean spillage around pet bowls or bird feeders
  • Regularly cut grass and vegetation around the property
  • Eliminate potential harborage areas like discarded boxes or storage containers

Practicing good sanitation is essential for keeping out mice. A mouse needs access to food to survive. By keeping your property clean, you can prevent your indoor environment from becoming attractive to mice.